016 Kiara Buchanan, “LIFE BETWEEN THE POLES” blog author, volunteer “In Our Own Voice”/Speakers Bureau presenter, NAMI Minnesota (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

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Blogger Kiara Buchanan, NAMI Minnesota volunteer presenter, with her husband

Kiara Buchanan is the “LIFE BETWEEN THE POLES” blog author at www.convexity.weebly.com on the topic of her mental health recovery and her journey living with bipolar disorder. Kiara is a volunteer presenter in the NAMI “In Our Own Voice” program and in the NAMI Minnesota speakers bureau through which she shares her personal recovery story and anti-stigma presentations. Kiara shares what brought her to NAMI and discusses her journey living with a mental illness including finally receiving the correct diagnosis. Recorded 05/03/2017.

Visit Kiara’s blog: www.convexity.weebly.com

This episode is one of 40 Stories of Hope related to NAMI Minnesota’s (National Alliance on Mental Illness) 40th anniversary. Find other video and written stories at www.namihelps.org.

CONTACT US: NAMI Minnesota, www.namihelps.org, phone: 651-645-2948, toll free: 1-888-NAMI-Helps (1-888-626-4435). fax: 651-645-7379. email: namihelps@namimn.org

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